Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management services include:

MNK Capital Management Ltd is a full-service asset manager, providing investment solutions to institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals across a range of capabilities, including Hedge fund, Private equity, Real estate, Fund of funds and Other strategies (please click here to view a detailed list of our licensed investment strategies).

Our Portfolio Management services, for the funds under our management, include:

  • Establishing, implementing and monitoring the funds’ investment objectives and strategies;
  • Selecting and overseeing investments that meet the financial objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizon and unique needs of the fund;
  • Ongoing analysis of investments to access their suitability in the fund’s strategy;
  • Rebalancing of the Fund’s investments to achieve risk/reward optimization while keeping the portfolio in line with its original risk/return profile.

We also implement checks and monitoring over the delegated portfolio managers and support AIFs/RAIFs operationally during the investment process by organizing the investment committee meetings and during the implementation of the investment decisions.

The CySEC AIFM license of MNK Capital Management Ltd covers the management of AIFs/RAIFs following the strategies listed here.

Portfolio Management services can be offered via the two models below:

  • Delegation Model: MNK Capital Management Ltd delegates the function of Portfolio Management to an Asset Manager and maintains the supervision and oversight of the function.
  • Investment Committee: MNK Capital Management Ltd establishes an Investment Committee with its own bylaws and restrictions, which acts as advisory to the function of Portfolio Management. The Investment Committee is comprised of the Portfolio Manager and the Risk Manager of the Company, as well as subject-matter experts for each managed fund.

MNK Capital Management currently delegates the function of Portfolio Management to 7Q Asset Management Ltd, with Mr. Andreas Hadjikyrou being the responsible person for the portfolio management of the funds under our management. Mr Andreas Hadjikyrou is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of 7Q Asset Management Ltd. Andreas brings in excess of twenty years of experience in the field of Asset Management, Investments and Finance. He played a leading role in expanding the 7Q Investment Group overall footprint on the institutional investors landscape in Cyprus, including creating the biggest Cyprus AIF investing in local assets. Investment strategies to which he is considered expert with a good performance track records include Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Real Estate, Fund of funds and other Strategies.

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