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Can I invest in your funds? What is the minimum investment amount?

Alternative Investment Funds under the management of MNK Capital Management are designed for persons who understand and take the economic risks of the investment and are either “Professional” or “Well-informed” investors within the meaning of the Law. The minimum investment amount is set on the prospectus each fund under management, typically above EUR 100,000. If you are interested to invest in a specific fund under our management, please take a look in Section “Funds under Management” in our website or call us at 25-508400 or send us an email at and we will be more than happy to assist you. Please feel free to also contact us to discuss your investment ideas and to find a tailor-made solution that meets your needs.

What are the guarantees that I receive my funds back? What are the guarantees of my profit?

MNK Capital Management is licensed and authorized by CySEC to manage investments under Alternative Investment Funds (“AIFs”) or Registered Alternative Investment Funds (“RAIFs”). All decision-makers (i.e. Portfolio Manager, Risk Manager, Compliance and AML Officer) in the company are highly-experienced professionals and are holders of the CySEC Advanced Certification that prove their qualifications. Moreover, our Portfolio and Risk Management teams tend to keep the conservative approach to the investments. However, we would like to emphasize that alternative investments are subject to risk and you can lose all invested funds.

Do investors participate in decision making to invest in a specific asset?

You as an investor can only propose an investment project, and our highly-qualified specialists will review it to ensure that this is in line to our managed funds’ investment policies. However, it is the Portfolio Manager who has the final say to either invest to the proposed assets/projects or not. In cases where an investment is considered “Significant” and may have a significant impact on the managed Funds’ risk profile and/or investment objective, a prior approval by the Board of Directors of MNK Capital Management Ltd is needed. Significant investment proposals are defined separately for each managed fund in a Term Sheet signed between the Portfolio Manager and MNK Capital Management Ltd. Such Significant investment proposals shall be submitted by the General Management to the Board of Directors for their review and final approval before being executed by the Portfolio Manager.

Why should I provide so many personal documents before the application?

As per the EU Directive for the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, MNK Capital Management Ltd must request documents which would be sufficient to understand you, as our Client (KYC), apply the Risk Based Approach (RBA) and to build-up the Economic Profile for each client. Each case will be examined individually by the AML Compliance Officer (the “AMLCO”) and in accordance with the Law and the internal policies established by MNK Capital Management Ltd.

What is Risk Based Approach (RBA) in AML risk monitoring?

When not understanding AML risks the easy answer is either to reject investor subscription applications or to request dozens of documents some of which may not be necessary or relevant. RBA aims to help the AMLCO with Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing risk monitoring, understand the risks involved and requesting the right KYC documentation from prospective investors, or even existing investors when it comes to KYC verification. This approach considers a vast scope of factors including investment amounts, client’s identity and nationality, client’s permanent residency, source of income and many more to perform a comprehensive categorization of our clientele. It determines the amount of time and effort the AMLCO should allocate to each client’s monitoring. Since all data used for RBA must be well-documented, you, as our client, will be asked to provide us with the necessary documents to perform a comprehensive RBA considering all the relevant factors. The initial RBA-scoring must be performed prior to the investment. Re-evaluation will be performed regularly according to the client’s Risk Profile (usually, annually or once in 2 years).

How is an Economic Profile created?

The Economic profile is created individually for each of our clients. It reflects all economic activities relevant to the investment amount. For example, if the investment amount is EUR 125K, it means that the client should provide well-documented source of legally possessed EUR 125K, that will allow to understand the origin of funds, including (i.e., Audited Financial Statements for a company, Tax Returns for individuals, bank statements, etc.)

What are the requirements in relation to the KYC documents? Can I send scans of the documents to you?

You may provide us with scanned copies of the certified true copy of the originals of the documents requested by sending us an email to or via registered post at our business premises (Vasili Michailidi 23, 3026, Limassol, Cyprus), providing us also with the track number. Alternatively, you can provide us with the originals of the documents and we can arrange to certify them as ‘true copy’ at our offices and return the originals to you. It is noted that all documents must be in English or Greek language. If the document is in another language, then official translation in English or Greek is needed.

How often and what information does the investor receive about his investment?

All investors receive, free of charge, the latest Annual and Half-yearly report of the AIF (or RAIF) that the invested in, the Offering Documents of the Fund, and its Instruments of Incorporation. In case of an umbrella Fund, all investment compartments will share same Offering Document, Annual and Half-yearly reports.

Potential investors can receive all abovementioned documents upon request.

In addition, investors receive the Key Information Document (KID), the NAV report or any other Risk Reports, of the AIF/RAIF they have invested in, as soon as it is published by the Fund Administrator and according to the internal regulations and policies of each compartment.

Can I withdraw my money any time I want?

The funds of investment compartments, under our management, may be invested in liquid (stocks, fixed income, etc.) or illiquid assets (i.e., private equity, real estate, etc), in accordance with their investment strategy described in the Offering Documents. To ensure that it is able to fulfil the investment objectives and the requirements of each project, the Fund Manager may set a lock-up period whose time-length is specified in the prospectus. Investors may transfer or assign their units with the Directors’ consent but cannot redeem their units until the expiry of the lock-up period, unless another provision applies as documented in the managed funds’ internal regulations, policies and prospectus. The lock-up period is typically calculated from the initial investment date or as may change by simple majority of votes cast at a general meeting or with the prior written approval of the investors of the relevant investment compartment.

Does the investment compartment or fund which I have invested, provides dividends or any other type of income?

The investment objectives and the rules of each of the funds or investment compartments are available to each of the investors, including the prospect investors, free of charge. Each investment compartment has its own strategy as stipulated in the terms of the offering memorandum and its supplements, or as a final distribution upon dissolution of the Fund. In the case that the fund or the investment compartment does not provide any dividends to investors, then all future income will be re-invested in the investment compartment, as part of its strategy.

Investors however, should note that payment of any future dividends is not guaranteed and will be at the discretion of the external manager after taking into account various factors including the investment compartment’s operating results, financial condition and current and anticipated cash needs.

DISCLAIMER: The answers to the above frequently asked questions are rather generic and correspond to standard practices. However, they are not legally binding and we cannot claim that apply to a specific fund a prospective investor may consider investing in. Investors should seek the actual answers to these questions to the prospectus documents and the Memorandum & Articles of Association documents of the specific fund in mind.

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